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1. All add posters should take the full responsibility of your advertisements (add) contents/text and Photos and phone numbers. 2. If any person have posted a faulty details or phone numbers or photos the poster should take the responsibility for any kind of legal issues, site is not take any responsibility for and kind of legal responsibility. 3. Posting of any kind of illegal items or services is a violation of our policies. 4. Any kind of faulty / illegal adds will be deleted without further notice and the site admins are not bound to pay / refund money if the poster have paid for it. 5. When you are posting wedding proposals, posting photos of bride / groom is your choice, keeping your privacy is your matter, we do not force to publish your photos, however posting a marriage proposal with photos will raise the effectiveness of your add. We have given the freedom to insert photos as you wish. 6. Any content (text/photo/phone number) of an advertisement should not be leading to make any inconvenience/harassment to any party or person, those type of adds will be deleted by the admins without any notice or refund.

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